CBSE schools to participate in National Assessment For Scientific Temperament And Aptitude

CBSE schools to participate in National Assessment For Scientific Temperament And Aptitude

CBSE has asked all its affiliated schools to encourage the children to participate in national assessment programme which is designed to test students’ scientific temperament and aptitude. The assessment is a part of Knowledge and Awareness Mapping Platform (KAMP) developed by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (CSIR-NISTADS).The platform will assess the student’s knowledge in various subjects and it was launched in April 2019. The platform is based on the algorithm developed by CSIR-NISTADS.The main aim of the platform is to identify and promote the talented students in the field of Science, Technology, and Humanities. The platform is built to access the students from classes 5-12 based on their talent and areas of strength.The outcome of the KAMP- National Assessment for Scientific Temperament and Aptitude (KAMP-NASTA) will provide comprehensive output to the students participating and to the teachers, school and parents as well.The aim of the assessment is ‘to identify and Capture Scientific and Technological temperament in students to make India Global Leader in the Field of Science, Technology and Humanities’.The syllabus is available on online on the official website of the KAMP-NASTA and the results will be posted to schools and online on the website of the  KAMP-NASTA.


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